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Sadly we are no longer accepting subscriptions as we have ceased publication.

January 2015

9 Responses to Subscriptions

  1. Wendy says:

    is your focus international or UK?

    • Dear Wendy, We are based in the UK but also cover global issues and features stories from Transition Initiatives around the world. All our papers are on-line if you’d like to check them out. With best wishes, Charlotte

  2. rose ovenden says:

    Hi friends,
    I’d like to subscribe from Australia, but there seem to be problems – can’t email Jay because my email access is at local library and that network doesn’t seem to have that sort of email…can’t find a postal address to send it to…etc. Do you have an on-line edition I could subscribe to?

  3. Don & Rita Vigneau says:

    In this age of failing postal service and delayed deliveries, it would be a certain boost to actual TFP readership if online versions could be accessed through email by subscription at a nominal fee and reduce our carbon footprint in the bargain. We suspect that this format will generate significantly more subscriptions, and readership.
    This should have an online preview of PORTIONS of featured articles plus a link to a blog from which Letters to the Editor could be captured (with submittal indicating if they would allow publication). The editions could then be set up to cover all articles of general interest and specific news useful to Europe, Asia, Australia/Micronesia and the Americas.
    We would much prefer our news as current and immediate as to what is happening in the U.S. so that our response could be that much more effective.
    Don & Rita Vigneau
    Mansfield CT T4T

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