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Issue No 6 is up and about for Autumn 2014! Read everything you need to know about Transition culture in 24 action-packed pages here:

You can also subscribe and get your real-life paper copy delivered to your door via our subscripition page or browse our on-line library

Issue No 5 is now published and on line. You can TFP_2014-05_Cover_rgb-1catch up with all the latest for Spring/Summer 2014 here:

To find out where you can find real-life paper copies check out our UK distribution page. Enjoy!

TFP_Issue4_Winter2013_FrontPage_webIssue No 4  Our winter issue is now on-line. Read all about it here:




Issue 3: our new Autumn (Sept-Nov) issue is here

Issue 2: we published TFP_Issue2_Summer2013_Frontcover18,000 copies of our Summer edition (May-Aug) which was distributed around the UK through our 50 + local hubs and to subscribers of Permaculture Magazine.

Issue 1: we #TFP_Issue1_Spring2013_frontcover.jpegpublished 11,000 copies of our first Spring edition (Feb-April) on 1st February and they were distributed by over 40 Transition initiatives in the UK. You can check out our on-line version here: 1

Preview issue: you might like to take a look at our on-line taster edition of the Transition Free Press too. This was a blueprint of how the paper would look, and the kinds of subjects we aimed to cover every quarter – news with comment and context, features and reviews:

For description of our preview edition do check out our welcome page

Contact: Charlotte Du Cann (Editor-in-Chief)

19 Responses to Online TFPs

  1. i am trying to print a copy of this but cannot find a way of doing this
    gerald conyngham

    • Dear Gerald, This is not a printable version as far as I know. We do have a few copies left of the (hard copy) preview issue. If you send me your address I can post one to you. All the best, Charlotte

    • I would like to subscribe to the Transition Free Press but cannot find the link…. am I being a wally?! I would love to distribute them too as I do for Positive News but know that it would be hard up here in the North of Scotland to get money back, especially for such a quantity and its too much for me to carry the cost without charging. If you have a bundle of free samples to get the interest going, that might work to start with….

      • Dear Lucy, Thanks for getting in touch. You can indeed subscribe to the paper by contributing to our crowd-funding campaign. Our preview issue is freely on line and our first issue will be also. The hard copies however are for sale only (30p cost price, £1 suggested cover price). Do get in touch with our distribution manager – Mark Watson. if you would like to discuss any arrangement with nearby initiatives. We have three distributing hubs in Scotland. With best wishes, Charlotte

    • Lindy McGuinness says:

      I am a member of ISSU and can therefore download and print off the copy. Joining is free.

  2. cooperatoby says:

    Take a screengrab using Irfanview and print that. it should just about be legible.

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  8. Ami says:

    Hi! I was wondering if our Transition Initiative- Transition Guelph could purchase a digital subscription that we can provide to our members?

    Thank you!

  9. Katy Holden says:

    Hi, I recently supported the launch financially by donating on Buzzbnk. When can I expect to receive a copy of the first edition?

  10. Abheda says:

    I’ve just subscribed as an individual. Is there any chance still of a a solid copy of #1, please? 🙂

    I live in North Wales, and could take on some distribution in this area. Do I talk to the Cardiff hub or you?

    Thanks for this publication:) It helps:)

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