img_20130130_190624Our story so far  . . . We distributed a limited print run (2000) of our preview issue during the summer of 2012, including the national Transition Conference.

Throughout our pilot year in 2013 more than 100 initiatives, businesses and social enterprises distributed a bundle of the quarterly Transition Free Press, amounting to almost 60,000 newspapers in total. This was mostly within mainland UK but has also included Jersey, Brussels, Hamburg and the US.

During 2014 we published a Spring and Autumn edition and a further 20,000 newspapers were distributed by a TFP network of initiatives and community enterprises in their local outlets and neighbourhoods.

The cover price was £1.00, so you could 1)  sell them to raise money for your local Transition Initiative, 2) ask for donations to cover your costs, or 3) simply give them away, or a combination of all three. A number of Initiatives acted as hubs and shared the bundle with neighbouring groups. The cost of a bundle started at £50 for 125 copies, i.e. 40p per copy.

Please note: the bundles needed to be ordered and paid for in advance, so only limited supplies were available after publication date.

For more information or to sign up for bundles in 2014, please contact Mark Watson: mark@transitionfreepress.org.uk (Tel: 01502 722419)

List of Main Distributing Hubs in the UK (2014)


Jo Hamilton jo.hamilton@ouce.ox.ac.uk
Sally Reynolds sallyreynolds@btinternet.com
Haddenham in Transition
David Lyons dakeyd10 (at) googlemail.com
Winslow Transition Group
David Field winslowtransitiongroup@gmail.com
Transition Leicester
Doug Golding info@transitionleicester.org.uk
Transition Louth
James Pocklington jpocklington@fastmail.fm
Transition Market Harborough
Mark Baverstock markbaverstock77@me.com
Milton Keynes Transition
Michael Sheppard mshep.mkgreens@gmail.com
Transition Stourbridge
Jonathan Hazlewood jon.hazlewood@gmail.com

Transition Cambridge (and Saffron Walden)
Anna McIvor transitioncambridge@gmail.com
Transition Norwich
Lesley Grahame lesley7railway@yahoo.co.uk
Dan Wheals dano@herbaculture.co.uk
List of Norwich stockists and distributors
Sustainable Bungay
Mark Watson mark@transitionfreepress.org.uk
Transition Nayland
Michaela Woollatt michaela.woollatt@gmail.com
Southend on Sea in Transition
Kamil Pachalko kamilpac@gmail.com

Dorset Agenda 21 (da21)/Blandford Forum, Dorset
Paul McIntosh pmcintosh@north-dorset.gov.uk
Transition Marlborough
Alexandra Wax secretary@transitionmarlborough.org
Transition Frome
Rachel Bodle rachel.bodle@gmail.com
Transition Hereford/Kington
Robert MacCurrach rob.maccurrach@googlemail.com
Transition Town Cheltenham
Jerry Barrs barrs@jerrysue.co.uk
Transition Stroud
Seb Buckton seb.buckton@gmail.com
Transition Gloucester
Noel Sharp noel.sharp@btinternet.com
Transition Town Totnes
Jay Tompt Jay@transitionfreepress.org.uk
Bideford (North devon)
Pete Yeo peteyeo67@googlemail.com
Scilly Isles
Jonathan Smith jonathan@scillyorganics.com

Manchester – Community Index & Leeds
Leslie Swann lesley@communityindex.co.uk
Transition Matlock/Wirksworth/Belper
Marion McCartney mazmcc@gmail.com
Transition City Lancaster
Caroline Jackson cjnmeadow@tiscali.co.uk
Transition Tynedale (Northumberland)
Debbie Reed debbiereed2004@hotmail.com

Transition Lewes
Alexis Rowell alexis@transitionfreepress.org.uk
Transition Forest Row
Mike Grenville mgrenville@gmail.com
Transition Chichester
Julia Sander julia@sander.plus.com
Cuckmere Valley Transition
Brian Jones Brian@milligens.org.uk
Transition Farnham
Robert Simpson rf.simpson@talk21.com
Transition Southampton
Clare Diaper clarediaper@hotmail.com;
Transition Fareham
John Vivan john.vivian@ntlworld.com
Transition Hythe/Folkestone
Martin Whybrow martin_whybrow@yahoo.co.uk (07787 124794)
Transition Canterbury/East Kent
Jo Barker shavannabarker@yahoo.co.uk
Transition Redhill
Bryn Truscott bryn.truscott@gmail.com
Transition Dorking
Sally Elias sallysunflower2012@gmail.com
ReThink Brighton
Amy Hall amy@transitionfreepress.org.uk; Martin Grimshaw martin@rethinkbrighton.org.uk

Transition Walthamstow
Paul Gasson paulgasson@gmail.com
Transition Crouch End
Pamela Harling pjharling@hotmail.com
Transition Belsize
Ugo Vallauri info@transitionbelsize.org.uk
Thorntons Budgens, Belsize Park
199-205 Haverstock Hill, NW3 4QG
Transition Town Brixton
Duncan Law dl@duncanlaw.co.uk
Transition Town Tooting
Lucy Neal lucy (at) lucyneal.co.uk
Transition Ealing
Transition Kentish Town
Alexis Rowell alexisrowell@googlemail.com

Sustaining Dunbar
Philip Revell philip@sustainingdunbar.org
Transition Edinburgh Uni
David Somervell david.somervell@ed.ac.uk; Eva Schonveld eva@transitionscotland.org
Transition Heriot-Watt Uni
Chris Milne Chris.Milne@hw.ac.uk
Towards Transition Glasgow / Dumbarton Road Corridor Environment Trust
http://ttglasgow.ning.com  http://dumbartonroad.wordpress.com/
Neil Lovelock getinvolved@dumbartonroad.com
Transition Black Isle
Anne Thomas anne.katherine.thomas@gmail.com
Transition Forres
Karin Schwartz schwartz@gmail.com
Keig/Alford (Aberdeenshire)
Sue Norris susannorris359@btinternet.com
Transition University of St. Andrews
Alistair Macleod am296@st-andrews.ac.uk
Shetland/Transition Turriefield
Penny Armstrong turriefield@btinternet.com

Trawsnewid Llandrindod (Wells) Transition
Di Greaves www.transitionllandrindod.org.uk
Transition Bro Gwaun (Fishguard)
Tom Latter tom.latter@btinternet.com
Lampeter – The Organic Fresh Food Company
Lucy Watson lucy@organicfreshfoodcompany.co.uk

Community Threads, Woodinville, Washington
Trish Knox transitionwoodinville@gmail.com

For further information about distribution contact: Mark Watson mark@transitionfreepress.org.uk  (01502 722419)

Image by Neil Lovelock (distributing hub in Glasgow)

16 Responses to Distribution

  1. We’d be interested in distributing here at Transition Hythe, how’s the first edition coming along and what is the availability date. Good luck with the venture, I’d be delighted to contribute if you are interested (I’ve been a journalist for 25 years)

  2. Sorry about the above, I do know how to use questionmarks, just somehow forgot to do so!

  3. That’s great Martin. Many thanks. We’re planning a winter edition and starting to commission now. Will be in touch soon!

    Best wishes,

    email: charlotteducann@transitionnetwork.org

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  7. Charlie Keil says:

    I’m an elder and a great believer in hard copy, old fashioned publications that you can carry around with you. What’s the format? Strictly a UK phenom?

  8. Is there anyway for us to distribute these in the states?

  9. Mark Watson says:

    Greetings @Charlie and @Stephen

    Charlie, if you let me know where you are and how many papers you’d like I can work out the cost from there.

    How many were you thinking of ordering, Stephen?

    all the best,

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  11. mayank kachroo says:

    im an engineering student in india.. there is lot of scope here for transition, but ppl dont knw where to start. will u be shipping the newsletter to india. and can we get a glimpse of wat it contains.

  12. Sally says:

    We’re in the “mulling” stage of Transition and nowhere ready to distribute 250 copies – any chance of 20? I’d really like to promote the ideas and look forward to reading it myself..

  13. sarah gleave says:

    Is there a spring 2015 edition? Will there be aa autumn one? If not can I buy cheap old 2014 ones to help get dover transition going? Thanks sarah

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