Fight to save Grow Heathrow

grow heathrowTransition Heathrow, which in 2010 set up the Grow Heathrow community garden on the site of a proposed third runway for the major airport, has been served an eviction notice for Friday, 15th August at 8.00am.

The group is calling for supporters to help resist the eviction and try and save the site. Events begin on Thursday, 14th August from 12.00pm with workshops, talks and training, followed by dinner and music in the evening.

Grow Heathrow is a squatted community space, open for people to visit and learn new practical skills such as organic gardening, permaculture design, bicycle maintenance and wood and metal work. It also hosts gatherings for groups which in the past have included Climate Camp, Reclaim the Fields, The Transition Network and People & Planet.

Grow Heathrow’s beginnings were in 2010 when Transition Heathrow members took over an abandoned market garden site in Sipson, one of the villages threatened by the Heathrow third runway expansion.

The derelict site was transformed: 30 tonnes of rubbish was cleared and it became a thriving community, demonstrating sustainable ways of living. Grow Heathrow produces its own food and uses solar and wind power, operating ‘off grid’.

Although Grow Heathrow have not been able to win their legal battle, their case has set a positive precedent in housing law. The appeal was the first case of its kind to have Article 8 of the Human Rights Act, the right to respect of private and family life, deemed relevant by the judge.

Plans for the Heathrow third runway were announced in 2009 but, after a massive campaign, the expansion was cancelled in 2010. Now the runway is back on the cards and the government’s Airport Commission is expected to make recommendations on this and other potentially UK airport growth in 2015.

Eviction resistance: Friday 15th August, 8am. Grow Heathrow, Vineries Close, Sipson, West Drayton, UB7 0JH. Find out more and keep updated on Grow Heathrow at the Transition Heathrow website. 

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2 Responses to Fight to save Grow Heathrow

  1. I’ll be there. And then they’ve laid on a free coach (donations welcome) from Grow Heathrow up to Reclaim The Power on the Friday night.

  2. jesse says:

    im there in every iota of – sadly impotant – spirit

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