Getting It Out There! Deadline for Autumn Issue Bundle Orders Extended to 15th August

George Monbiot &TFP 640x480Don’t miss out! Bundles to go for the Autumn issue 2014 of Transition Free Press.

There is only one newspaper in print dedicated to reporting on all things happening on the ground in transition, and that’s the Transition Free Press. We’re bringing you the latest news and reviews from the culture that’s shifting the way it looks at and engages in the world.

Would you, your group or initiative like to sign up for a bundle of the 6th issue of this unique grassroots publication produced by experienced journalists and seasoned transitioners alike, who have taken up the challenge of ‘becoming the media’?

If so, we are now taking orders for the autumn 2014 issue.

From the Scilly Isles to the Shetlands, people and organisations from both within and beyond the transition movement have been signing up throughout the UK. There have even been orders from Canada and the US.

Image3020 detailPrepaid UK bundle prices, including P&P direct from the printer, start at £50 for 125 copies (40p per copy). 250 copies cost £85 (34p per copy). In order to keep fuel use and costs down, we keep a very limited supply of copies available after publication. And these are also more expensive.

Many people are sharing their bundles with transition and related groups in neighbouring towns. Apart from saving on costs, sharing bundles is a great way of connecting with people doing stuff on the ground in your region. Walthamstow, Cheltenham & Gloucester and Hythe are home to just three of the hubs for Transition Free Press.

To secure your bundle, whether big (250 copies and increments of 125) or small (125 copies), for distributing yourself, through your initiative or with other groups, contact Mark by 5pm on Friday 15th August at

PLEASE NOTE: Our distribution page has the current list of all TFP distributors – plus drop-down post with some hints and tips on how to get those TFPs out there!

And for INDIVIDUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS please click here.

Image: George Monbiot with TFP Summer issue at the Ways With Words Festival, Dartington,  July 2014 by Rob Hopkins

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