Introducing Team TFP 2014

ttfp-460x342Great news! Our May issue is now full steam ahead and we have a full crew on board. And although we are just as excited when our front page comes in, you can be sure we don’t quite look like these men in suits!

In 2014 our editorial and production team has grown as the paper expands its horizons and connects up with other groups and initiatives that run alongside Transition. To get to that exhilirating front page moment requires hours and hours of invisible work put in by lots of talented, practical, dedicated people – people you don’t normally see. So in the spirit of knowledge-share that all great Transition enterprises possess at their core,  here we are and this is how we work together.

the new line up

288_53734975197_7780_nWe’re a newspaper first and foremost, so our first nine pages are news stories, from all the latest on climate change and the fossil fuel crisis, to new moves in areas like housing and democracy. Our new News and Sports Ed, Amy Hall, based in Brighton, is a graduate from the Cardiff School of Journalism and has worked on publications from The Ecologist to New Internationalist:

“The world is facing transformation and it’s great to be part of a movement working for a more sustainable and just, future. TFP is an exciting project and I’m looking forward to sharing the stories of those people doing inspiring things from the grassroots, within and beyond the Transition movement.”

TN photoDiversity is not just good for the soil, it’s good for comms too. Papers flourish with different folk writing – and editing its pages too. For the next issue we have new curators for the Energy page, Gareth Simkins (T Croydon) and Education, Michaela Woollatt (T Nayland). Michaela is also Assistant Features Ed for the rich central seam of the paper (pages 9-22) that includes arts, wellbeing, interviews, reviews and our comments spread, Talkback. She is presently compiling a list of innovative Transition and related projects, so do get in touch with her if you would like your project featured in a future issue (

Following our call out for new Food and Drink Eds last month we had some really talented people apply and it was very hard to choose between them. Tess Riley (who started up Transition Chiswick and works for Streetbank – see pic below) and Eva Schonveld (Transition Scotland and works for The Fife Diet) are now going to share the role. As well as continuing to report on foraging,  community food producers and Transition growing projects, they are planning some new twists:

Want to read about locally produced honey, carbon neutral farming, snack bars made from waste fruit or campaigns to stop local pubs being sold off to developers? Head to the Food pages, where we will be working with contributors to dig into the fertile earth of all that is sustainable, resilient and inspiring in the world of food.

Streetbank day at Ann's AllotmentWe are also delighted to welcome the brilliant Chris Wells (Transition Kensal to Kilburn, who runs folklabs) as our lead designer, ably assisted by Lynda Durrant (T Lewes) who helped navigate the news pages of TFP4.  Trucie Mitchell, who designed the pilot issues has just had her first baby (congrats Trucie!) and is now on maternity leave.

Finally we wouldn’t even get on to the page without Marion McCartney (T Matlock in Derbyshire). Marion is our sterling, ever patient chief proofreader (with proofing back up crew, Sheila Rowell, Mark Watson and fearsome news sub, Nick Tigg). That’s every dot, dash and typo attended to in our 24 pages.

Behind the scenes

But producing a newspaper is not just about shaping articles and designing pages. We’re a social enterprise and have to find funds to pay for the printing and delivery of 10,000+ copies each issue and for ourselves. Alexis Rowell,  our groundbreaking News Ed during the pilot year, has now taken on the role of Managing Editor – which means he oversees the workings and finances of the enterprise, as well as its place in the world. He is also looking after the advertising for this issue, so if you would like to take out an ad, from a generous half page to a small ad in our marketplace section (a very good deal at £35!), do get in contact (

img_84972Our distribution network is run by Mark Watson (aka MarkinFlowers) from his homebase in Suffolk. Distribution is the key to our success as without dissemination the word does not get out there. In 2013 we had over 80 initiatives selling TFP in all corners of the UK (and beyond!). So do get in touch  if you/ your enterprise would like to sign up for bundles (£50 for 125 copies) in 2014, starting with our next edition. Mark is a seasoned Transitioner and is happy to talk on the phone and share some great ways to sell your copies.

You can sign up for Transition Free Press in 2014 here  or contact Mark directly (

image1685Equally key on the Transition map is our man in subscriptions Mike Grenville (T Forest Row and Ed of the Transition Newsletter). Individual subscibers are another vital link in the paper’s success story. It was the generosity and backing of individuals who helped kickstart TFP in 2012 with our BuzzBnk crowdfunding appeal (launched here at the last Transition Conference).

So if you would like TFP to arrive on your doorstep and to help back the enterprise why not take out a annual subscription? For £15 you (or your household or group) will receive four issues (starting in May) and help us keep reporting those stories that other media doesn’t reach. Patron subscribers (£50) are also welcome!

Subscribe (for first time and renewals) to TFP here. Do get in touch with Mike if you have any other questions (

And of course there are our 100+wonderful contributors who write the stories and take the pictures about the projects and new thinking that is the core material of TFP. If you have a great story up your sleeve, or would like to take part do let us know.

Anyone else? Oh yes, that would be me. I’m Charlotte by the way and I edit TFP – its co-creator, navigator, co-ordinator, content director and demon deadline chaser! That’s another story I wrote about here. Have a wonderful Spring everyone and thank you again for coming on board with us. Charlotte Du Cann (

Images: still from The Front page (niftily reworked by Rob Hopkins on Transition Culture); Amy Hall on the trail; Michaela Woollatt in the field; Tess Riley on the allotment; Mark Watson on the job; Mike Grenville on the map.

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6 Responses to Introducing Team TFP 2014

  1. karinalutz says:

    Congrats! Let me know if you’d like someone to cover or edit sustainable health care initiatives. I wrote this series for ecoRI News: (scroll to bottom for links to the other 6 articles.)

  2. glaucodona says:

    Here is the third number of Sustainibility Life (Vivere Sostenibile),
    the first Transition Free Press in Italy. In this free press many of the authors are components of the Core Group of Transition San Lazzaro (San Lazzaro in Transizione)

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  5. Anne Tennock says:

    I’ve been scrolling through searching as thoroughly as I can for a while to find out how to contribute to Transition Free Press. I’ve written an article about building local health resilience in Transition The Grove that I’d like to share. Couldn’t find out how to although there is a suggestion that contributors do exist!

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