we’re now officially published (and being read in all the right places)

IMG_1340We’ve just published our fourth edition on paper and on line and are now appearing in all great Transition neighbourhoods and venues.

We’re also  featured on the Transition Network website, as the TN board (left) decide we are the best read this winter.

Here are some of the reasons why everyone is checking out the news and features stories covered in our 24-page essential winter edition (and why we’re now planning how we can keep the presses rolling into 2014). Enjoy!

It’s as easy as ABCBrettScott

Acorns – bring back balanoculture! (and how to make flour that lasts a decade)

Brett Scott – heretic broker lays the groundwork for Permacultural Finance in our Talkback section

Co-op – if it’s no longer all at the Coop bank now, where do we go from here? Plus the beautiful Art of Money

Dark Mountain Project –  review of  the latest collection by the writers, artists and thinkers who no longer believe the stories our civilisation is telling us (do any of us?)

Energy – “I’ve seen the future and it’s German!” declares Ovesco’s Chris Rowland as solar and wind Technik increases

Fees – students lose out in the commodification of education – is this time to start real knowledge share in the future?

Grow Heathrow – interview with Rosie Music on the art of living in an activist community (People)

Have you got rhythm? Dancing through the winter is the way to go (Physical)

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 11.36.29 amIdentity – how Transition creates a space for reconfiguring our sense of self and frees us from consumerism (Talkback)

Japan – student Helena Laughton goes on the road with Transition Japan to a Zero Yen Camp

Kit – everything you need for a neighbourhood pop-up shop with a difference – Ruth Ben-Tovim on the prototype Shop-in-the-Box

Local Econonic Blueprint looks at (re) localisation in Lambeth 

Music – is music the best tool for social change? how singing in choirs just got hip and radical

News – all the latest from solar lamps in Africa to floods in Colorad0

Oh, just what I could do with! How a Transition cafe turned a Farmers’ Market around

Anonymous 'Million Mask March' protest in LondonProtest – our front page story on how grassroots protests are bringing people together and creating a new narrative of change

Quinoa – how an Essex farmer harvested his first crop of the Andean supergrain

Rocket stoves – the essential low-carbon cooker (or how to boil a kettle with no electricity)

IMG_0835_2Sauerkraut as you have never known it – two Transitioners share their ferments

Textiles – Paris, London, Milan and Crouch End (naturally) . .  Transition responses to the global fashion industry

Undercover comedy – meet Sam Quinn who is discovering a secret plot to overthrow the seriousness of environmentalism

Vibes – good ones for tough times requires everything from empathy (on our wellbeing page) to reconnecting with the territory (canoeing on our back page)

Waste – Two Transitioners take part in actions against incineration and fracking (plus a competition to find the most beautiful compost loo)

X factor that makes this grassroots paper great (aka a great editorial crew)

Yes! to an independent Scotland? Justin Kenrick dispels the myths of the naysayers

Zoe Wangler on the groundbreaking work of the Ecological Land Coop

484997_460945680613821_965150950_a. . . and that’s not all! Read the whole edition here: issuu/transitionfreepress/tfp4 or join our distribution team and buy a bundle for your initiative or enterprise (contact mark@transitionfreepress.org.uk)

Charlotte Du Cann, Editor-in-Chief

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  1. keithpp says:

    Thoughts on Transition Free Press

    View story at Medium.com

    short version for those who do not want a long read


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