OCTOBER UPDATE: last pilot edition now underway!

z21 year, 87 distributors, 104 contributors (most of them Transitioners). We have been doing a long count of all the extraordinary people and connections we have made since this pilot began. As the TFP crew head into the production of our winter edition (out Dec 1), we’re counting our good fortune and celebrating the network of initiatives and enterprises, activists and reporters that the paper has created across the UK and beyond.

Our main pic here is of our Distribution Manager, Mark, raising his medicine teapot at the recent Tooting Foodival. Just one example of the rich weave of relationships between Transition initiatives we have inspired.

Will we continue into 2014? is the big question on our agenda. We dearly hope so. We’re looking for funding to pay our core team until the paper become self-sustaining (thanks to our loyal distributors and readers the paper pays for itself). Our new fundraiser, Wendy, is now hard at work helping to secure our financial future but if you know of any good sources of revenue, do get in touch.

Talking of the team, we have a great job offer for anyone who wants to help steer our production. Do you have what it takes to be a Managing Editor? If so do have a look at our full job description here. The abilities we are looking for in someone are to:

  • Lead on production of TFP by liaising with the editorial team, designers, distribution manager and printers;
  • Co-ordinate all elements of the TFP business model: working with fundraiser, subscriptions, ad sales, distribution, accounts etc;
  • Create a digital strategy for TFP, with support from TFP Collective members;
  • Oversee the internationalisation of TFP (English language international version as well as other language editions); and
  • Represent TFP at external events and in partnerships (along with other members of the TFP Collective).

Grow-Heathrows-free-workshops-722x1024Each edition is the work of many people and these invisible relationships lie at the core of great journalism and mature Transition work. Grassroots media acts as a powerful incentive to act and connect in a world where the dominant broadcast encourages business-as-usual, escapism, isolationism and powerlessness. If you want to see and hear about a very different kind of future, if you want to know there are people, like yourself, working hard in city neighbourhoods, towns and bio-regions throughout the land to secure it, just have a look at our latest Autumn issue:


And if anyone wants The Last Bundle in the Depot, we have one of 125 copies left at cut-price. Do get in touch with Mark if you are interested mark@transitionfreepress.org.uk

Have a very happy Autumn! Charlotte Du Cann, Editor-in-Chief

PS Do check out our Blueprint for a Paper series running during October based on key pieces in our current issue:

1 WELCOME: a paper about a seachange

2 NEWS: seedy business

3 ARTS: clay skills travel through time

Images: Mark Watson at the Tooting Foodival; poster for Grow Heathrow

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2 Responses to OCTOBER UPDATE: last pilot edition now underway!

  1. Hi, I’m following Transition UK because so little is happening here in the U.S. I was involved in the 1970s effort and see much “reinventing the wheel” in both good ideas and oversights.
    I love all the progress; yet, I remain astounded at the LACK of explicit integration between Transition folks and the personal-spiritual progressive folks.
    I call what’s needed: bridging sustainability into spirituality; and, bridging spirituality into sustainability.
    I’m especially astounded this convergence-confluence appears absent, from what I can gather, in the platform of your newspaper.
    Converging outer “climate change” concerns with the hero’s journey towards inner sunshine would seem to be a larger more juicy audience for a newspaper to go after.
    This is likely to result in a new brand: Green Spirituality. Feel free to adopt and use these ideas and phrases. The book Green Spirituality by Chris Philpott is primarily a backwards looking history, so not of much use for looking forwards. A new book needs writing.
    Let me know if more material on this is of interest to you.

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