August update – Autumn issue in production and top tips for distributors

015It’s August and the pace is hotting up (some days literally) as our third issue goes into production. Will the news fit? What is the best story for the front page? Where is that missing picture credit? (Some days I wish we had  Transition Heathrow’s Yarrow Yurt round the corner for some serious downtime wellbeing).

Well, at the end of this month 50+ initiatives and enterprises who have signed up with us will find out the result, as our shiny new autumn issue goes to press. We’ll be posting our on-line version on our blog in time for September’s Network newsletter. However there is nothing quite like holding the real thing in your hands. so if you would like your very own copy of TFP delivered to the door, check out our annual subscriptions page.

Meanwhile here is our news ed, Alexis Rowells’ Top Tips for distributors. We’ve found that selling directly to people is a great way to open conversations about Transition, as well as shifting copies. So don’t be shy! Transition Lewes distribute around 750 copies with neighbouring Transition initiatives in East Sussex. Here’s how it’s done . . .

7757cf82f90111e2826122000a1fd1d7_7read all about it!


The first thing I would say is always ask for donations or “anything you can afford”.

TFP Fivers Club We ask Transition Town Lewes activists to buy five TFPs each for £5 and then sell them on or give them away. Almost nobody balks at that – probably because £5 doesn’t seem much to give up in order to support such a worthy venture! We shift 125 TFPs that way.

Nearby Transition Groups We give some of our TFPs to Transition Initiatives near Lewes eg Cuckmere Valley (started on 100 and now get their own bundle of 125 direct from TFP), Eastbourne (100), Ditchling-Hassocks-Keynsham (50), Brighton (75). How about sharing with Worthing? On Thursday night Gillian committed to taking 50 of the next issue of TFP. I’m more than happy for them to come from Chichester, but the long term goal should be to get every Transition Initiative to take at least 125, I think.

Shops and businesses We knew this would be a slog and a slow burn and it was. We started with two cafe-cum-food-shops and gradually added outlets over time. We let them keep 50p for each TFP sold. One of the first two sold 80 of TFP1 because the owner got personally engaged. That’s really what you need. Until their clients know it, the owner has to want to sell it. We now sell TFP through three cafes, one butcher, one bookshop and one health food shop. That’s another 150.

FarmersMarketMarkets We have a Friday Food Market that was set up by TTL and a bimonthly Farmers’ Market where the Lewes Pound have a stall. We sell about 150 this way.

Events We sell TFP at all TTL events as well as events where a TTL group has a stall eg the Lewes Pound has a stall at the upcoming Mumford & Sons concert in Lewes! We can usually expect to sell about 75 at events.

Freebies – funded out of sales of TFP in Lewes

Influential Lewesians We have a local councillor who’s on the TTL Steering Group. She distributes 30-40 TFPs to influential Lewesians eg our MP, Councillors, Mayor, Chamber of Commerce, School Heads etc etc.

Dentists and GPs We try to leave a couple of TFPs in every dentist, GP and vet waiting room. That’s 20 TFPs.

Library We give our local Library three free TFPs for reference.

Lewes District Council We give the council’s Sustainability Officer 10 copies for him to take to council events.

Lewes in Transition free insert – funded out of sales of TFP in Lewes

Sales of TFP in Lewes allow us to fund our free Lewes insert Lewes in Transiton. We’re very lucky to have a professional designer in TTL who donates her services for free. We give Lewes in Transition away at TTL events and we give our Library a big stock.

Alexis Rowell

Yarrow Yurt at Grow Heathrow, now under threat of eviction; citizen journalist photographs  fracking crane escort at Balcombe, East Sussex  on Day 6 of protests at Cuadrilla site (Frack Off); Lewes Farmers’ Market poster (Lewes in Bloom)

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