Don’t Miss Out! 31st July Deadline for Ordering Your Autumn Issue bundles!

TFP Tony detail LibraryIs Transition Free Press circulating in your area?

Would you, your group, initiative or small business, like to sign up for a bundle of the only newspaper in print dedicated to reporting on all things Transition.

We’re still taking orders for the autumn issue, as well as for the winter edition.

New distributors can now choose to buy a smaller bundle of 125 copies for £50.00 (40p per copy), including postage and packing (UK). These have proved very popular since we introduced them for the summer issue. You can also still order 250 copies for £75.00 (30p per copy).

Many people are sharing their bundles with Transition and related groups in neighbouring towns. Apart from saving on costs, sharing bundles is a great way of connecting with Transition in your region. Belsize, Marlow, Reading and Walthamstow are home to just four of the hubs for Transition Free Press. In addition small independent businesses have begun to stock the paper, including The Organic Fresh Food Company in Lampeter and Platform 22 Pottery & Coffee House in Aberdeenshire.

Check out what Transition Walthamstow had to say about the paper when their summer issue arrived.

To secure your bundle, whether small (125 copies) or big (250 copies and increments of 125), for distributing yourself, through your initiative or business, or with other groups, contact Mark by 5pm on Monday 29th July at I look forward to hearing from you.

Please note: Publication date is the beginning of September. Bundles will be delivered by courier during the last week in August. For individual subscriptions please click here.

Our distribution page has the current list of all TFP distributors – plus a drop-down post with some hints and tips on how to get those TFPs out there!

Image: Tony Dawes gets the low down at Sustainable Bungay’s annual Give and Grow seed and plant swap event, Community Library, Spring 2013

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