Attention Solutionaries: Help Wanted!

tfp2_shelfWe’re almost a year old and beginning to think of our long-term future as a workers collective and social enterprise. What would it look like, a future with thriving, resilient, renewably empowered communities, informed and connected through their own independent media? Can you imagine the Transition Free Press with thousands of subscribers, available in every city, town and village in the land, each new issue landing on desks of all those who could make a difference? It would be fabulous!

Would you like to play a part in co-creating that kind of revolutionary future? If so, we’d like to hear from you. We’re looking for volunteers, interns, and some modestly paid help to boost subscriptions, build our brand, sell ad space, and write funding applications. Please send your cover letters and CVs to tfpsolutionaries [at] Thanks!

SIGN UP FOR ISSUE NUMBER THREE! Calling all Transition initiatives, enterprises and local businesses, we are now contacting distributors for bundles of our upcoming autumn edition (250 or 125 copies). If you’d like to become part of our national network do check out our distribution page for details and get in touch with Mark Watson (

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