we’ve gone to press and new summer edition is on its way!

from the mourning of the world finished 1We sent our second edition (May-July) to the printers last week and on Tuesday bundles of our sparkling new newspaper will be arriving on Transition doorsteps around the UK.

As well as giving a unique Transition twist on news and comments upfront in the paper, we have a strong features section at the back of each issue, including articles on arts, community, media, food, foraging, wellbeing, practical projects, book reviews, interviews and new pages on housing and the living earth.

We like to report back on events and projects you might never have come across before. On our arts pages you’ll find a creative gathering, inspired by the Dark Mountain Project, a grassroots network of writers, artists, thinkers and activists. Normally a publisher of an annual anthology of words and images, the picture above is from their first album, From the Mourning of the World. The cover is painted by Dark Mountain artist, Rima Staines and the compilation curated by singer-songwriter Marmeduke Dando.

chris_wood-670x503It promises to be a great set, including an alternate version of Caesar, recorded specially by Chris Wood (right) as well as wild and uncivilised music by Jon Boden, Chris T-T and Bethia Beadman (a duet with REM’s Mike Mills).

They are in the last two weeks of crowdfunding, so do check them out here:


And keep an eye out for your TFP arriving in over 50 initiatives, related groups and local businesses from Tuesday. Expect more posts about that soon!

To order a bundle contact mark@transitionfreepress.org.uk

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