April update: revving up to issue 2

taff-temptress-600x400Here in our TFP virtual office the editorial crew are hard at work, finishing the second edition of Transition Free Press. We’re really looking forward to seeing this issue spring into action (well, looking forward to Spring actually!) and sending bundles to our distribution hubs around the UK. Publication date is the first of May.

We like to keep our content under wraps, so it’s a surprise for all our readers, but here, as a teaser, is Sam, our man in Cardiff, holding one of the plants that stars in two of our pages this summer (a free paper to the first person to guess what it is – answer in comment section below!) We’ll be following our dynamic formula of news, reviews and interviews on all Transition subjects under the sun – food, arts, education, wellbeing and sport, plus new pages on Housing and Planet.

In the run up to production, several new distributors have joined the network. So here’s  a warm welcome to: Suffolk Climate Change Partnership, Peter Yeo in Bideford, TIs in Cuckmere Valley, Malvern Hills, Llandrindod, Keig/Alford, Bro Gwaun, Tynedale and Chichester! Any last minute takers? Do get in touch with Mark Watson, our distribution manager (bundles of 250 and 125 still available) mark@transitionfreepress.org,uk. Deadline:  Monday 8th April, 5pm

We’ve found new printers for this issue too, so the paper is as eco-friendly as possible. This means 100% recycled paper and non-toxic vegetable-based inks. Your TFP2 may have a slightly different look at and feel as a result, so do let us know what you think. We are also issuing 5000 copies through Permaculture Magazine next month. Word is getting out there this summer!

cayton bay phlegmMeanwhile don’t forget, if you are not near a distributing hub and would like to receive a paper and support us at the same time, why not take out a subscription? £15 will buy you four issues of TFP and lots of good wishes from us. This grassroots publication can’t happen without you. Thank you everyone for travelling with us in this pilot year.

Transition Free Press. Reading life from a different perspective.

Photo: COMMUNITY: Sam Holt from Transition Cardiff; WORLD Fish drawing by Sheffield-based artist, Phlegm  from a mural painted in Scarborough

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5 Responses to April update: revving up to issue 2

  1. Wayne T says:

    Is it a fruit bush? I’m guessing a bare root raspberry cane?

  2. Charmian Larke says:

    Hi I think this is a blackcurrent bush

  3. Kim Hayes says:

    Gooseberry Bush!


  5. Thanks everyone for your guesses so far. Not quite a fruit though, or even a bush . . .

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