Tips for Distribution #1

TFP wooden holder lowresHere are a few tips from and for TFP distributors for getting Transition Free Press out of your bundles and into people’s hands. These are by no means the last words on distribution, and everyone and each group will have their own style of circulating the papers. I’ll be alternating the tips every few weeks and adding to them, so don’t worry if you don’t see your tip here today, or if it disappears in the future – it’s sure to return!

Thanks to everyone who has sent their experiences and suggestions in!

TFP Fivers Club of Lewes Transition Town Lewes activists have been buying five copies for £5 and selling them or giving them away with over 70 sold in the first part of February alone.

Sustainable Bungay The profits from TFP sales have paid for the group’s printed quarterly newsletter insert. Copies sold at meetings, Happy Mondays monthly community kitchen and Edible Garden library events. People happy to support both newspaper and newsletter.

From Paul Gasson of Transition Walthamstow here is a great tip for anyone selling the papers in a local shop/cafe/outlet where sales may not always be overseen by the people working there:

If you have a friendly retail outlet which is prepared to stock TFP (in Walthamstow we are fortunate to have the Hornbeam Cafe), a newspaper holder is quick to make from scrap wood. It minimises counter space requirements, and keeps the papers tidy – see photo above

Always have a couple of copies with you when visiting public places, such as local cafes & pubs (but put them in a folder so they don’t get too wrecked, even if you do!). TFP can act as a great conversation starter, even if you don’t make a sale.

That newspaper holder is just great! And the sales sign underneath prevents any confusion about the ‘free’ in the ‘Free Press’, which refers to TFP’s editorial stance (no advertorial in the paper, though there are adverts and you can buy advertising space), and the fact we are not funded or owned by any large organisation or corporation.


If you are reading this and you are a distributor, do keep in mind this paper provides an invaluable communications tool for anyone involved in transition at any level, a publication which backs up all the work being done by so many people, often invisibly. Its being in physical print also means the paper can then reach people and places other media won’t necessarily reach. And who may not even have heard of transition.

As Viv Manning from Kings Lynn, wrote:

A great read – maybe I’m a bit of an old fashioned girl, but I get on much better with printed matter than online reading.

Finally if you or your Transition initiative would like to become a distributor for the Transition Free Press, please take a look at the distribution page and contact Mark Watson:

Image3038 lowres

Images: TFP and scrap wood newspaper holder by Paul Gasson; Pound sign by Jay Tompt; TFP at the Waveney Greenpeace Fair by Charlotte Du Cann

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