Hold that page! March update from the Transition Free Press

Image3016A really great paper – a good balance between wide-reaching articles about climate change, general topics about renewables etc., and case studies of local projects and achievements.

Most of us got involved in green groups because we thought governments would make real changes and we would need to be prepared for them. In fact, there’s a lot of persuading to do to get people to recognise that we’re in trouble… (Debbie Reed – Transition Tynedale)

Our first issue of TFP has been out on the streets for a month now and great feedback has been coming through the network in the UK and elsewhere. People are offering stories, sending congratulations, giving us suggestions. We’ve also had 4696 reads of our on-line version. Best of all our distributors have been busy selling 11,000 copies of the paper (here in the depot before dispatch) and hopefully making a bit of a profit for their TIs too).


People have been really responsive and happy to part with a £1 for their copy. MJ who works in our local grocers (and TFP outlet right) said that 6 members of the family she lives with read it and thought it was great – one of them is a local pig farmer and he took it to work with him! Josiah from our local TI group, Sustainable Bungay, took out an ad for his Great British Peas and Beans business, Hodemedod’s, and has already received quite a few requests and inquiries. (Mark Watson – distribution manager)

We’ve had reports of brisk sales of TFP Issue 1 in fairs, festivals, farmer’s markets and film showings in towns and bio-regions everywhere. We’ve been outside tube stations in London, on remote Scottish islands, snapped up by the Suffolk Climate Change Partnership and at Vandana Shiva’s talk in Totnes, and demanding attention in local news agents in Sussex:

It’s been great to see and hear the reaction to TFP – almost all of it incredibly positive. The one heated discussion I had with someone in a shop in Lewes led to him buying a copy and the shop where we had the discussion selling 10 more TFPs straight afterwards. TFP – makes you think, makes you act!  (Alexis Rowell – news ed)

Image3033 Here is Paul, a local farmer, famous for growing long straw for thatching (hat not model’s own!) at a  stall which ed, Charlotte Du Cann, shared with Greenpeace at their Waveney Valley Winter Fair in February. The benefit of having a comms tool in your hands really allows for good conversations – and sales (50 copies flew out of the door).

If any wonderful Transition distributors have pictures or reports of sales pitches, please send them in and we will be happy to publish. (charlotte@transitionfreepress.org.uk).

Great funding news

Supporting TFP’s crowdfunding campaign made me feel connected to a whole bunch of people who really care what’s happening out there, just like me. (Louise Stirling, Muir of Ord, Scotland)

Our other great news is our crowdfunding appeal with BuzzBnk reached its first target of £10,000 and we also won a £4000 award from the Network of Social Change. So a Big Thank You to everyone who took part in making this a success. We are now officially a social enterprise and Issue 2 is now happening. News and features are commissioned and we are looking forward to editing, designing and producing our summer edition (out May 1).

Meanwhile we welcome all continued support. We are a fledgling paper and though these start-up funds are a vital bridge and very happily received, to be truly sustainable we’ll need further bundle sales, regular ads and LOTS of subscriptions. Unlike mainstream media we have no big corporate advertisers or oligarchs behind us! Sales and subscriptions are key to our funding and also to our distributing TIs. If you are not part of a distributing hub, or you or your household would like to contribute anyway, we now have a subscriptions page on our website, with PayPal, or you can send a cheque directly to Jay, our business manager (jay@transitionfreepress.org.uk). £15 per year, or more of course if you wish.

The TFP crew are working hard to create a new media that speaks to people about and in tough times, and we know we can’t do any of this without you, dear readers. Thank you for travelling alongside us. Because we never know who we are reaching . . .

Someone told me that working in the corporate world TFP gave them hope and encouragement that there were like-minded people out there doing great things (Mike Grenville – co-founder, Forest Row)

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