Introducing local broadsheets

SB-newsletter-issue-16LOW_RES-212x300Alongside our regular national paper the TFP crew has been quietly road-testing local TI newsletters, trying out new designs  and ways of reporting from their own initiatives and neighbourhoods.

From the outset we promised the distributor hubs any design or editorial back-up they might need to produce their own broadsheets. As everyone’s skills and computer software and tech is different, we decided that rather than come up with a uniform template, we would offer design features from the main paper, that could be incorporated into existing formats, whilst keeping their own style and content.

Three TIs took part:Transition Lewes (who are presently working on theirs), Bristol (designed and co-ordinated by TFP’s Trucie Mitchell) and Sustainable Bungay (co-produced by Charlotte Du Cann, Mark Watson and Josiah Meldrum).

TFP_Local_Insert_BRISTOL_FINAL-1Trucie merged some of the newspaper elements into an A4 news flyer: “Rounding up stories of some of the most innovative and practical projects happening in Bristol really inspired me, as well as helping me make new connections with people all over the city. The biggest challenge wasn’t finding great stories to include, but editing them down to fit the space we had available!”

Sustainable Bungay have been distributing a quarterly newsletter for three years, so they took their regular A4 newsletter and expanded it into an A3 format, using some of the TFP news features, such as the teasers:

“Sometimes newsletters can appear stodgy and parochial,” says ed, Charlotte Du Cann: “Giving a newsy slant to the stories resulted in a more immediate look and feel. Although some shops were not so keen on the folded A3 format, it certainly disappeared much more quickly than normal. It also gave an incentive for people to buy the main paper. As well as paying for our TFP bundle (£75), profits from sales have now almost paid for the printing of the newsletters (£42 for 300) too. Great news!”

So if any TIs out there would like to have a go at creating or customizing their current newsletters to distribute alongside TFP, do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

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