TFP gets into the groove on the Transition (radio) Show

Stroud FMTransition Show on Stroud FM is a terrific one-hour slot that has been running weekly for two years with local news, Transition announcements and one guest interview.

Last Friday, Transition Free Press editor Charlotte Du Cann spoke to the show’s presenters and producers, James Beecher and Helen Royall (also both active in Transition Stroud), about the launch of TFP’s first edition.

James and Helen asked ace questions about the paper from the content to its principles and how it was funded. I also felt there was time and space to talk and genuine interest in what was being said, which is not the norm on mainstream radio stations! Loved choosing those tracks too . . .

You can download the podcast here (83MB) .The interview itself begins at 6 mins 42 seconds though the whole show is well worth a listen. Throughout the hour you’ll hear some really good quotes (along with some great music tracks).

It’s a big shame that this is one of their last shows. Transition Show will air for the last time on Friday 1st March. James and Helen have said they may revive it in a different form at some point but for now they are calling it a day. For more information on this, see:

a13jamesSo thanks James and Helen for all the shows and wishing you the very best for the future. Big thanks, too, for featuring Transition Free Press on Friday. Here’s hoping we’ll tune in to Transition Show, StroudFM 107.9 again sometime to hear those stories that ‘everybody knows’ but which don’t always go out on air.

To download the interview click here. MW

Stroud FM community radio logo; James Beecher speaks about Transition

About Mark Watson

I am a wild and homegrown plant lover and writer based on the Suffolk coast, England. I've been reconnecting and working with plants since the late 90's and call myself a ‘plant person’. I love how inclusive and open this description and first heard it years ago in Arizona where I spent a lot of time getting to know the local plants. Anyone can connect with plants, we’ve been co-existing with them for ever on the planet. It’s a question of attention. Paying this attention to plants seems to me an urgent task now in the face of climate change, fossil fuel depletion and widespread social and cultural disconnect from the earth. So I teach people how to connect with plants and places, often through talks, walks, teas and drinks, and in a way that's fun, simple and practical. I've led medicine plant walks at Dark Mountain’s Uncivilisation festival, and given herbal tea demos at Transition Town Tooting’s famous Foodivals. My teapot is never far away. I’m particularly, though not exclusively, drawn to native, medicinal wild plants and I have a fondness for members of the mint and sunflower families and plants from Mexico. I work a LOT with Ribwort Plantain, Lemon Balm, Rosemary and Anise Hyssop. As part of Sustainable Bungay in Suffolk, UK, I have curated a Plant Medicine bed in the local Community Library garden, drawing attention to just how multi-faceted plants are. In conjunction with the bed I organised and hosted a whole series of monthly ‘Plants for Life’ talks, walks and workshops with guest speakers on everything from hedgerow medicine to growing organic and biodynamic herbs, from book readings on the dreaming of plants to ‘medicinal’ winemaking and ‘walking with weeds’. In 2015 I will return there for the theme of Helpful Herbs, culinary and medicinal. I am available for talks, walks, workshops and travelling teapots and charge according to a sliding scale – I charge more if you’ve got more, less if you have less.
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