We’re SO out there . . .

alexis and dogLast week 10,000 copies of our Spring edition flew out of the TFP depot to initiatives all around the UK (and a bundle to Hamburg in Germany too). We’re out and about and selling in all kinds of places – from market stalls in Lewes (see left for our news ed and hound in action) to newsstands in Totnes.

Here in East Anglia we’re heading up with a stack to the local Greenpeace Fair on Saturday and Sustainable Bungay talk by Bob Flowerdew, opening speaker for our new Edible Garden series. Later in the month we’re taking part in The Common Room, where local distributors will be picking up their 200 copies (thanks Lesley, Simeon and Chris and The Greenhouse). We’re compiling a list of outlets and events on our local Transition Norwich website and happy to put links alongside our regional distributors here on the TFP site.

This is all part of the buzz that creates a new and zingy communications network. So, to all of you out there in the marketplace – selling, buying or exchanging – do send in your stories and pix and we’ll put up your tales and tips!

img_20130130_190624This great photo of one of the 40 bundles is by Neil Lovelock from  Dumbarton Road Corridor Environmental Trust in Glasgow. He reports on his blog:

Woo-hoo!! DRCET is taking part in an exciting new national media experiment – the creation of a new quarterly newspaper about environmental and economic issues.

DRCET has taken delivery of a bundle of 250 papers and we are then breaking them down into smaller bundles of 20 to make the paper more accessible to organisations that want to get involved. In addition to DRCET and Towards Transition Glasgow other organisations that will be distributing smaller bundles of the first issue include Urban Roots, Glasgow University Environment & Sustainability Team, Transition Linlithgow and the Scottish Community Alliance.

The next issue will be due out in May and if you want to get involved in the distribution in and around Glasgow then please get in touch.

We also have had some ace feedback about content and layout and some lovely endorsements. Here’s Jason Heppenstall on his blog 22 Billion Energy Slaves:

There’s a lot of talk about ’the media’ these days and its seeming inability or unwillingness to join up all the dots when it comes to things like peak oil and climate change… . .

That’s why I am excited to hear about a new newspaper being launched which aims to scoop up a lot of the stories that go ‘under the radar’ and act as a focal point for the Transition movement. It’ll be a paper and ink publication for residents of the UK, and available online for everywhere else. In it  . . .there are many articles featuring people and initiatives that are out there making a difference. In that way it will act as a focal point and inspiring knowledge base for those of us who know we are already on the long descent.

But newspapers don’t write, print and distribute themselves – these things cost money. And because of that, the Transition Free Press needs our help.  £15,000 ($24,000) will run the newspaper for a whole year and pay for all the distribution, printing, web hosting, writing, research and editing. Believe me, that is a pretty thin shoestring!

Anyway, if you feel you can, place a tip in their hat to ensure this project stays up and running.

Image3031Thanks Jason and Neil! We are now £2,600 short of our first £10,000 target with 8 days to. So if you would like to invest in our future and back us, do contribute to and/or publicise our crowdfunding appeal through your networks. Many thanks!

Deadline is next week on 14th February. Will you be our Valentine?

Alexis and TFP newshound at Lewes Market; bundle in Glasgow (Neil Lovelock); Mark prepping bundle to go to Transition Tyndale

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