We have gone to press! . . . thanks to Trucie Mitchell, Designer and the crew

TrucieThe Transition Free Press is now at the printers and will soon be arriving at initiatives’ doorsteps across the UK – 24 pages of news, reviews and stories you might not ordinarily read elsewhere.

It’s been the work of a dedicated team of people over several months. None more so than our designer Trucie Mitchell, who as you can see is used to grappling with slippery and unpredicatable beasts. Trucie has recently returned from Australia where she worked as a picture researcher and illustrator and also began designing our preview issue.

“As a first design job, TFP has been a challenge but I’m enjoying every minute of it and learning as I go. I want TFP to look professional, stylish and cohesive – at the same time as being informative, engaging and, frankly, a bit funky!”

The design of a newspaper is hard work for one person. As well as getting the right look and feel for the paper every piece of copy has to fit, including the captions, headlines and quotes, pictures need negotiating with photographers and a host of tasks and hundreds of emails you do not see. Like all things editorial, it’s time-consuming and demanding and requires a certain kind of flair and attention.

Along with others on the paper, Trucie has just been interviewed by Rob Hopkins on his blog Transition Culture, to bring attention to our crowdfunding campaign which runs until 14th February. Do have a look and, if you can, do support us. A new Transition media doesn’t happen without a dedicated team to do the work, and all of us have bills to pay and mouths to feed. We hope when you open your first copy you will see we are worth it. Thank you!

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6 Responses to We have gone to press! . . . thanks to Trucie Mitchell, Designer and the crew

  1. fionaskene says:


  2. Lee says:

    Awesome news! Looking forward to catching a copy of it 🙂


  3. Louise Stirling says:

    Fantastic and well done to everyone involved. I’m looking forward to getting my first subscription and helping to pass Transition Free Press around up here in the Scottish Highlands 🙂

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