Roll up for some ace advertising opportunities!

GetAttachment.aspxCalling all social entrepreneurs and businesses!   This month we are looking for advertisers for the first issue of Transition Free Press (due out 1 February 2013).

Our newspaper covers all areas, including energy, education, food, sports and the arts, so if you are looking for a good Transition audience this is a great place to come.

We have all sizes and prices available and a special marketplace section for individual and intiative events, notices, sales,  announcements etc for as little as £35.

As our  business manager, Jay Tompt (above)  says:  “We’ll be reaching thousands of Transitioners and Transitionistas, change makers and early adopters, activists and organizers, enthusiastic supporters of local, green, ethical, cooperative, social, and resilient enterprises. This network holds lots of potential”.

Do get ask Jay for a rate card if you are interested ( We also offer a design service.

You can get hold of any of us through this website and we are happy to answer questions about advertising or editorial  and give advice about creating a local news page.  This is a paper written, edited and published by people in Transition. So do get in touch!

Please contribute to our crowd-funding campagin:  Many thanks!

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