Introducing . . . Alexis Rowell, News Editor

Alexis 2All good newspapers are built on a  foundation of  relevant and revealing news stories. So a news editor with a keen eye to the realities and changes in the world is an invaluable steer in the enterprise. Here Alexis Rowell (co-founder of Transition Belsize, now based in Lewes) tells a breaking story:

I’m a former journalist. I used to work for the BBC back in the 1990s when I was mostly reporting on the consequences of the fall of the Berlin Wall. I worked in the former Soviet Union – the Caucasus, Ukraine and Russia – for four years. But if you’re a journalist, I think your news sense never really goes away. I personally got a bit burnt out by war reporting and by the lack of scope for alternative thinking in the mainstream media. So when the Transition Free Press project popped up, I jumped at the chance to get involved.

The Transition movement is about moving on from fossil fuels to a cleaner, less dangerous future. It’s also about creating resilient communities that can work together to withstand external shocks like floods or unemployment or high fuel prices. Transition is about living with nature rather than in opposition to it. It’s about harnessing the power of human brains for the good of all not for the few. It’s about sustainable solutions to problems like climate change, rising energy prices and the fragility of the financial system. Transition is about us creating our own vision of the future, one that will allow our children to live safe, healthy, happy lives.

That’s why a few of us decided to start Transition Free Press – to tell the stories that you don’t hear in the mainstream media and to report what Transition Initiatives around the world are doing. Transition Free Press is an attempt to tell the national and international stories of the day through a different lens, a Transition lens, one which doesn’t reflect the priorities of corporations or rich individuals, one which thinks about context and background, and, perhaps most importantly, one which reports solutions just as much as problems.

This first issue of the Transition Free Press will be published on 1 February 2012

Please fund our paper here: Many thanks!

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4 Responses to Introducing . . . Alexis Rowell, News Editor

  1. Hope you plan to use material drawn from all the social reporters.

  2. Thanks Diana, All our material needs to be original, but you are welcome to submit news or features ideas. All the best, Charlotte (also a social reporter)

  3. I have bought the first edition of Transition Free Press in Forest Row with expectations of learning about the interesting and inspiring stories of social projects and community inititives worldwide. I wasn’t disappointed. Yet I am astounded that your front cover features an article which describes an outmoded idea that we, as humans, are contributing to climate change! Yes, it’s important to drastically reduce our emissions, but this is nothing to do with climate change. Do you not know about geo-engineering or climate manipulation? Have you not read “Angels Don’t Play this HAARP”? Or seen this video clip which is the most important issue facing us for 2013…..

    regards, Christine Edney

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