DECEMBER UPDATE: A paper is not just for Christmas – it’s for all year!

Solstice Time 2009 091All the latest about our crowd-funding campaign, distribution network,  advertising opportunities, new agony column (Lost in Transition) and why we are publishing in print. Charlotte Du Cann points you in the right direction

At the Transition Free Press we’re gearing up to our first issue and, thanks to 40 wonderful Transition initiatives across the UK, we have a fully fledged distribution network in place. Now our next goal is our crowd-funding appeal which we launched last month and will go to pay our contributors and printing costs. We need to reach £10,000 (at least) by next February. Can you help us get the presses rolling?

We have 17 esteemed paperbackers already behind us and we’re looking for many more. Do check out our dedicated site at BuzzBnk:

Searching for that  right-on, head, heart and hands Transition gift? Why not buy an annual subscription to the paper and help us reach our BuzzBnk target?

A big festive thank you for all of us here.

Lindexost in Transition? New agony column needs your dilemmas

We don’t promise to solve every problem, like Marge, but we can give you directions when you are stuck. At the TFP a crew of seasoned Transitioners are set to offer their experience and advice on any difficulties you might be encountering on the bumpy road to sustainability.

Downshifting blues, group dynamics, living without heating, partner loves you, hates Transition? Bring it on. If we don’t have a solution up our sleeve we’ll do the Transition thing and ask someone in the network who does. Please send you problems to us and we will do the best to answer you in our column (and send you a paper too).

Please send your question and your address to and it will be passed on to the team. Thank you!

dsc_0468Getting on message

This month we are also looking for advertisers for the first issue, so if you are looking for a good Transition audience this is the place to come. We have all sizes and prices available and a special marketplace section for Transition events. notices, sales, swaps etc.  As our  business manager, Jay Tompt  (here in action at the Conference) says:

We’ll be reaching thousands of Transitioners and Transitionistas, change makers and early adopters, activists and organizers, enthusiastic supporters of local, green, ethical, cooperative, social, and resilient enterprises. This network holds lots of potential.

You can get hold of any of us through this website and we are happy to answer questions about advertising or editorial  and give advice about creating a local news page.  This is a paper written, edited and published by people in Transition. So do get in touch

Uplifting, downshifting

We are sometimes asked: why you are publishing a newspaper, can’t we get everything on line? Well, it’s true, there’s a big fast world out there on the web and social networking, blogs, tweets, Facebook et al, make for a powerful messaging system. However, the physical printed page still commands a greater attention. People will stay with the physical page longer than the virtual and the clickable. Print goes places that computer do not go and has the advantage of putting a complex narrative in one place, directly into your hands, which one-page-at-a-time virtual media cannot replace.

Mainstream papers, severely hit by the recession and loss of advertising revenue, are shrinking their staff and increasingly publishing stories from “the wire” and from press releases, rather than real-time investigation. Stories are judged not by their merit, but by on-line readership figures. As a result the mainstream press often sinks to the lowest common denominator and defaults to the governmental, or corporate, line. The smaller and more progressive stories disappear altogether. Celebrities and violence prevail and “reality” becomes defined within these very constricted parameters. Increasingly too many people now consider communications to be something they can get for free.

So though this is probably the most challenging time to be launching a new national newspaper, it will not lack for stories, nor will it lack for a readership keen to hear the good news from places the mainstream media does not go.  After publishing our preview issue in the summer, the need for new media now seems more relevant than ever.

Let’s make it happen.

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3 Responses to DECEMBER UPDATE: A paper is not just for Christmas – it’s for all year!

  1. david seddon says:

    excellent initiative – looking forward to growth and development of transition community and movement – hope to be involved in some way…

    david s

  2. Anni Rehin says:

    I’m trying to take 4 subscriptions. How can I do that?

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