Introducing . . . Mark Watson, Distribution Manager

For every newspaper printed there is always a hard-working (and usually invisible) editorial crew behind the scenes. However in the ethos of Transition “comms”  everyone is on show and everyone gets a credit – writers, photographers, editors, producers and tea-makers. So in the run-up to publication day (February 1), we thought we would introduce ourselves.

To kick off the series, here is the latest member of  team TFP, Mark Watson, who has just taken over the crucial role of Distribution Manager. We now have a  network in place with over 40 initiatives signed up to distribute the paper in cities and towns throughout the UK. and Mark is at present contacting  as many TIs as he can to invite them on board.

Mark has been involved in transition media since he joined Transition Norwich and Sustainable Bungay (Suffolk) in 2008: He is a founder Social Reporter, and has been producing newsletters and bulletins, both on-line and in print for several years, as well as writing regular blogs on his key subjects of wild and medicine plants and community well-being:

“I’m excited about the Transition Free Press for many reasons: we read things in print we wouldn’t read on-line; a newspaper reaches people without internet access so brings the transition message to places other media don’t reach. You can read it and leave it on the bus, in a cafe, in the pub. You never know who might pick it up.

And for initiatives themselves, it’s a chance to raise funds. Committing to the standard bundle of  250 copies per quarter works out at 30p per copy. You can sell them at £1 each or for donations at events and meetings. If 250 seems a lot, then you can join up with other initiatives in your area and share a bundle. Then you get to know others doing transition at the same time. It’s a win-win really.

It’s all about connecting up and getting it out there!”

Mark Watson is the chair of Sustainable Bungay and a regular blogger on the Social Reporting Project and This Low Carbon Life. If you would like to join the Transition Free Press distribution network or discuss the possibility please get in touch with him (01502 722419)

Image: Mark, curating this year’s Plant Medicine Bed at the Bungay Library Community Garden

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3 Responses to Introducing . . . Mark Watson, Distribution Manager

  1. Hi, I’m a core group member of Transition Worcester and am on the communications group we run also, I designed our logo/branding and all posters and advertising, produce labels etc, I would love to be involved in any design and artworking of newsletter/magazine as I major in those areas of print media.
    Happy to get involved for some beer money/expenses if you need me?
    Good luck with it and let us in Worcester know if copies are available please?

    • Thanks Martin for getting in touch. I am sending your kind offer to our designer Trucie and to Mark (above) who will get back to you about copies of the paper soon. All the best to you and everyone in Transition Worcester, Charlotte

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