Crowd funding appeal launches today!

We are excited to announce that our Transition Free Press crowd-funding appeal launches today. You can read all about us here:

Hosted by BuzzBnk it will run for 90 days and our target is £15,000 (or more!) This will enable us to run four editions of the paper next year and pay for the hard and inspiring work of our editorial team.

This is the first Transition crowd-funding appeal to be launched and we’re confident it will be the first of many on our new dedicated site with Buzz Bnk , an on-line crowd-funding platform that brings social enterprises “looking for start-up or growth capital together with like-minded people keen to participate in a new way of funding social change”.

Becoming the media

After publishing our preview issue in the summer, the need for new media now seems more relevant than ever. As peak oil pushes unconventional oil and gas extraction to new extremes, as climate change brings storms and food crises in its wake, as the economic recession brings many countries to their knees, so our desire increases for alternative solutions and a kinder, more generous culture that can look the future in the eye.

Our small, resilient paper will champion communities and projects that get missed by mainstream media. We’ll be holding up a beacon in the potentially dark and difficult times ahead. Where the breaking story is of confusion and greed, we aim to bring coherence and  the gift economy into play, where there is fantasy we will bring grassroots reality, where there is loss we will show the opportunity for well being and knowledge share. And most of all where there is silence, we aim to bring words and listen to the voices of people who do not normally get heard.

Because as we know: no news is NOT good news.

Stories about the people, by the people

So we’re very excited about our brand-new newspaper. We’re planning to run four issues during 2013, starting on Feb 1 2012. Our 24-page issue will follow the blueprint of our preview issue and cover many of the same topics. It will contain a colourful mix of news, reviews and features, dedicated pages to energy, the land, people, economy, food, well-being,  the arts, cartoons and a unique Transition agony column.

In these four pilot editions in 2013 we hope to bring together in one place the stories that help us navigate the times of downshift, stories about people by the people who are coming together in their neighbourhoods and initiatives, starting up food projects, alternative energy schemes, and thinking within a broader, deeper and more meaningful frame. To show, as Mark Boyle said recently: “Different ways of being human”  other than the self-obsessed consumer model we see promoted everywhere else.

How you can help launch a paper

Our distribution network of  30+ Transition intiatives is now in place and growing. So now in this 90-day campaign we hope to raise the funds to send out the good news throughout the UK (as well as on-line everywhere else). You can buy an annual subscription for £15 or for giving a higher contributions there is additional free good karma, sustainable T-shirts, Transition books and more!

Can you help us all become the media? Can you help by buying a subscription, giving a donation, or joining our distribution network?  Could you spread the word, through blogs or social media or word of mouth? We will be very happy to receive any help you can give us. Funding a newspaper is a challenge, perhaps the greatest challenge some of us have faced so far in Transition, but we are determined that the word will get out there.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and for coming on board. Welcome all!

Charlotte Du Cann, editor

You can find us and fund us at BuzzBnk here

You can contact us by emailing any of the editorial team:

EDITORIAL/FEATURES: If you have any inquires or suggestions for content please get in touch with Charlotte Du Cann:

CAMPAIGN/ADVERTISING:  If you or your business have any campaign inquiries or you would like to advertise with us (including marketplace ads) please get in touch with Jay Tompt:

DISTRIBUTION NETWORK: If you/your initiative would like to join our distribution network please contact Mark Watson:

NEWS; If you have any news stories please contact Alexis Rowell:

Images: Sold out! last of the preview issues at the Transition Conference, 2012 (Mike Grenville); Norwich FarmShare potato dig, copyright Tony Buckingham; the writing on the wall, Transition Conference big group process (Mike Grenville)

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