Putting ourselves on the map

This year’s Transition Network UK 2012 conference was buzzing and it all started at the Transition Free Press launch party on Friday evening before the first main gathering at Battersea Arts Centre.

Alexis provided a wonderful locally-made London Pimms and Mark a countryside 35-plant herbal refresher and soon the joint was jumping. The core crew – that’s  Jay, Mike, Charlotte and Alexis – all gave short speeches and welcomed everyone, especially Trucie and Mihnea our designers, Tamzin, our food editor and Jonathan Goldberg, who photographed several of our news pictures.

The stall ran all weekend and initiatives put their names on the map (above), filled in an ideas sheet and discussed the content and future of the paper. We also ran a sideline in book and beans distribution – all part of our creative mix!

As well as looking for distributors for future issues, we were also inviting new reporters onto the crew and several correspondents arrived to take part in our Open Space editorial meeting on Saturday afternoon.  A third of this year’s participants were from other countries outside the UK, so we now have the ability to file Transition stories from all over the world. It started on the train to London with Mika, an organic grower from Japan who was on her way to Findhorn. She loved it!

We’ll be posting more in-depth reports from our meetings next week. Meanwhile if you are looking for up-to-date reports do check out the Transition Conference 2012 blog, with daily postings by the Social Reporters.

STOP PRESS!  Our heartiest congratulations to our preview issue front story, the Bristol Pound, no longer held up at the Bank, but fully launched into the world today.

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