Transition Free Press: all the latest!

It’s been a whirlwind month since our  Preview Issue  was launched on-line on June 1. If you haven’t yet had a look do click on the link:

Our printed copies arrived from the printers a week later and have been flying out around the UK: to 25 initiatives in London, in West Sussex, Devon and East Anglia. They’ve appeared in meetings, gone to events, found their way into cafes and bars and libraries. At the Sunrise Festival (when not in the kitchen at Tin Village), I waded through mud, thrusting small bundles into the hands of fellow Transitioners to disperse North, West and South (if you haven’t seen a “real-world” copy and you would like to, do place your orders here)

What’s next? everyone has been asking , When is . . .

Our next issue

Right now, we are looking at ways to fund the next edition. We’re aiming to publish four issues starting this autumn/winter and going through 2013. Like all social enterprises we need financial backing to do this, so we are looking at ways to pay for the printing, distribution, editorial crew and contributors. We are specifically looking for someone who would like to handle the advertising side of the paper, working on a commission basis.

If you have any ideas or would like to help towards this do get in touch with our business manager, Jay Tompt Meanwhile do stay in touch via . . .

The news blog

We’re running our Press website as a news blog, uploading some of the paper’s stories when they come into focus and also writing new ones. Patrick Chalmers, our media correspondent was down at Grow Heathrow last month, and filmed two interviews as members of the community set off for their court case. We’ve just published Biff Vernon’s ace review of  Sacred Economics, in advance of Charles Eisenstein’s talk  in London on 19 July.

If you’d like to get notifications of our news do sign up on the TFP website And for those who’d like to be more hands-on with the paper why not join our . . .

Distribution collective

We’re hoping to find a crew of Transition distributors around the county. Our aim is to get together 200 Transitioners, who are happy to take a bundle of copies and pay for their shipping (approx £10). There will be a sliding scale of payments, so you can also help contribute to the printing and the editorial costs. Though the paper is free, you will be able to ask for donations or sell it for an optional cover price. More on this in future updates. Watch this space!

Mike Grenville, our man in distribution, will be organising this network and we aim to make it a fun and collaborative venture, and enable  initiatives to spread the word in their communities and at events,  inserting their own local newsletters inside or alongside the paper.

If you would like to join our network do fill in our survey or come to meet the editorial team at  . . .

The conference launch and stall

On Friday evening as everyone gathers at Battersea Arts Centre for this year’s Transition Conference we will be hosting a celebration launch for our preview issue (doors 6.30pm).  Everyone will receive a copy of Transition Free Press and, true to journalist form, there will be drinks! (local and low carbon of course). You can meet the editorial crew and contributors, and if you are up for distributing you can put your pin on our Transition map and let’s see if we can connect the dots and  get the papers networked across the land.

If you have any questions during the conference about the Press, want to feed back, find out some distributing tips or contribute in any way (from proofreading to photography), come and find us at our stall. Conference details are here

If you have story ideas for our first issue, or for the news blog, contact Charlotte Du Cann All communications welcome!

Images: Mark Watson reading the news section, hot off the press; Growth Monster by Lucca Benney (illustration for Nuclear  vs Community power); children at Sunrise Festival by Ed Mitchell (Transition Tin Village); Hold the Front Page! wittily adapted by Rob Hopkins on Transition Culture.

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