Transition Free Press – are you getting yours?

The Transition Free Press is now back from the printers and looking great! We have just started distributing it so do get in touch if you’d like some copies or join our Distribution team. Meanwhile here is Mark Watson from the East Anglia crew with a photo request:

As sub-editor on the just published brand new Transition Free Press newspaper, the lion’s share of the work did not fall to me – I did several stints of several hours, then a 12 hour marathon just before the paper went to press.

Nevertheless it is very exciting to see it all in print and looking so gorgeous!

If you have any pictures of people (or yourselves) reading a copy, send a JPEG to me at with your name and the initiative you’re in or the place you live in, and I’ll upload it on this post.

Here I am reading my copy after the box arrived yesterday:

Here’s Nick (Sustainable/Transition Bungay) reading his when we arrived in Stowmarket yesterday for the What If…The Sea Keeps Rising Festival of Transition event (by carshare, of course):

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2 Responses to Transition Free Press – are you getting yours?

  1. Rick Koobs says:

    Got eight copies here in West Norfolk a couple of days ago. They’re all already spoken for, so they’ll be getting out there. I’m sure we could use many more copies to distribute around the Swaffham and Downham market area, where there is a very active Permaculture and Transition community.

  2. Was invigilating an exam yesterday & thanks to TFP the time flew by. Excellent stuff.

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